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A steamy summer night in Italy

It all starts during a hot summer. The kind of hot that makes you sticky, and you smell like a tart fruit. The heat can be slightly irritating, but that’s not how it is this time. This time, I feel the sun beating onto my golden skin, the hairs of my body sticking together, my hands smelling of cocoa butter. And I remember him. His soft, salty, and sweet skin.

We are traveling to the coast of Italy. My friends and I meet in Rome and take a train down to the Amalfi Coast. It’s our third night there and we feel at home. Each morning we pick up the day's fresh berries, stop into the cafe, and return back to our balcony. The mornings are lovely. Quiet with a slight breeze off the ocean. But the nights… the nights are the best.

As soon as the sun hits the horizon, we get ready for the night. Each night is something fun and my heart beats with excitement. I fantasize a European love, but I know this dream of mine is unlikely. But what else is a young girl on the coast of Italy supposed to dream about? The times are wonderful, and I only want more. I crave more beauty, a spark, a feeling; and something that will leave my feeling changed.

With a slight buzz off of the Cabernet, and a flushed rosy face, I step out onto the tiny cobble streets. The yellow dim lighting fills the alleys and the moonlight reflects off the dark blue ocean. We find a table outside of “Argot” a small, yet lively, cafe down the street.

I order another glass of wine, and sit back. One of my friends, Lilly, texts her friends quietly at the table. I take in all that surrounds me. The smells of fresh burrata, the distant laughter, the couples holding hands, and the fresh summer air. Lilly turns to us,

“I think my friend’s from study abroad are coming to grab a drink!” she exclaims.

My other friend Alliah, replies, “Sounds great! I can’t wait to meet them.”

I nod my head and roll back into a soft smile. I sip my wine and continue to fantasize.

Within minutes Lillas' friends arrive. There is Sam, the smart young girl who studies Art Design, then there is Oliver, the tall blonde boy who can make anyone laugh. I knew these two from Lilly, but I did not know the last friend.

He walks up, slightly behind the others, as if he is hiding his beauty. His walk is sexy and graceful. He is tall and smokes a cigarette. Each time he exhales the smoke, his pink puffy lips reflect off the yellow dim lighting.

“Hi, I’m Elio.” he says to us.

My friends say hello back, but I can’t get the words out quick enough. I am too distracted by his lips. He walks over and sits right next to me.

He grabs a glass from the table and slowly pours some wine from the bottle. His hands grasp the bottle firmly. He continues to puff his cigarette. His tan skin glows, his dark curly hair blows in the breeze, and his smell is fresh in my nose. He softly kisses me on the cheek hello.

“Hi, I’m Camila.” I look at him. His eyes are green and he has faint freckles buried underneath his cheeks.

“Nice to meet you, Camila.” his voice soft, yet deep, and I can hear an accent. It’s dreamy and I can listen to him all night long.

As hours pass, we all speak of music, film, the arts, and our passions. The conversations start to slow down as the night comes to an end. We all get up to say our goodbyes and head home.

As I kiss Sam and Oliver on the cheeks goodbye, I suddenly feel a brush up against my arm.

“Will you come with me?” Elio grabs my arm and whispers to me.

“To where?” I stutter.

“To anywhere.” he smiles, and grabs me closer.

Before I know it, he’s holding my hand. His fingers in mine, guiding me down the small alley to his apartment. We go inside.

“I never do this. But I just couldn’t help myself. I knew it from the moment I kissed your cheek,” Elio softly speaks to me.

He slips down my strap, my dress is silky and soft. If one strap falls, the other follows. My tanned breasts are now exposed, and my nipples are hard.

As he feels my breasts, my heart starts to race, and my eyes roll back into my head. A touch on my nipples, a passionate grab on my waist, a gaze into his eyes. I feel euphoric. He lightly kisses my neck, leaving his spit all over my skin, and sucks up my taste.

My dress falls to the floor. I start to undo his pants.

“But wait, not so fast. I want to take my time with you,” he whispers into my ear.

His hands grab my waist and I spin around. My ass is now up against his dick. It feels hard, big, and powerful. He grabs my neck from behind and twists my neck to kiss me on the lips. His lips taste like dark cherries and red wine.

His tongue softly licks mine. His hands move up and down my body as he kisses me. I am intertwined in his strong arms. He grabs my thighs, ass, and breasts over and over. He then crawls his fingers down to my already wet pussy.

“Do you like this?” he whispers again.

“Yessss.” I exhale a long breath.

My pussy lips are wet, as his fingers glide along my clit. Faster, faster. His fingers rub my pussy. My breaths get heavier and my body feels high. He rubs my clit as he continues to kiss my lips and neck. He leaves bite marks all over me.

He spins me back around and throws me onto the bed. My arms are pinned, his grasp so tight, like how he held the wine bottle earlier. He is now naked, and his soft dick rubs against my bare body.

“I want to feel you deep inside of me,” I moan into his ear.

His kiss gets stronger and he grabs my waist. He slowly thrusts his tan, big, perfect dick into me. My soaking wet pussy wraps onto his dick, as he pushes it deeper inside of me.

“You feel so good,” he moans.

His thrusts get quicker, deeper, and his dick makes me shake. My hands are still pinned. He starts to play with my pussy as he fucks me.

My breath gets heavy. I am squirming and soaking his sheets.

“I want to feel your wet pussy cum all over my dick,” he moans.

I can’t stop myself. His breath, his moans, and his dick make me breathless. He thrusts his hips into me one more time, and keeps his dick deep in me. It’s all the way inside of me. Every single inch of it. He fucks me from the back, as my ass slaps across his dick, and he fucks me from the side. Grabbing my breasts and waist.

“I need to feel you.” he passionately kisses me and fucks me harder. My legs are shaking and his dick is hitting me deeper than before.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” I passionately moan, as he pushes his dick into me and holds it there. His big thick dick is now alllll the way inside of me. It pulses inside my wet and hot pussy. My body tingles, my pussy is begging for more.

He kisses me once more, thrusting deeper inside of me, grabbing my waist with his big hands. His kiss is wet, and my pussy begins to drip in cum. His dick is completely covered in my cum. He slowly moves out of me and comes onto my stomach.

“I was waiting for you.” he exhales and smiles. His white cum spurts all over my tan stomach.

My pussy is dripping, and the room is steamy. He climbs off of me and gently kisses my pussy lips.

“I also need to taste you.” he smiles, and begins to lick, kiss, and suck on my pussy. He slurps up all my cum and pushes my legs apart, spreading my pussy for him.

“I knew I had to have you. You taste so good.” he smiles once more.

I feel unstoppable. He lays back down beside me. Our naked bodies feel the cool air from the window come through. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me goodnight. We drift off to sleep.

The next morning, I leave for the states. He kisses me once more, holding my face in his hands. I didn’t know if I’d see him again.

I can still imagine him inside of me to this day. I can still feel his touch, his lips, his hands, and his sweet sweet taste.

-Camryn Pessin

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