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Fashion for Bank Robbers & 4 other Fascinating Fashion Instagrams

Having spent even more hours per day on Instagram than usual these past months (which you probably didn’t think was possible, until quarantine hit) you might feel like you’ve seen it all. But luckily, the Instagram universe is exactly like the actual universe – infinite, constantly expanding and filled with all kinds of entertaining stuff. So if you’re tired of spending your screen time on banana bread, sealing foam mirrors and influencer mood boards, here are five Instagram accounts presenting fashion to you from a different perspective:

@fashion_for_bank_robbers In case you’re planning a new, more lucrative career path after the virus is over this is the page for you. Fashion for bank robbers is the account with a feed of fascinating ‘contemporary masks and headpieces’, run by the artist Carina Shoshtary. To be clear, we are not encouraging bank robberies (although we do support securing the bag, and desperate times calls for desperate measures, don’t quote us on this though), but in the event that you were already planning on going through with one, we would recommend that you do it while looking like a work of art. And if committing crimes are not your thing, you can still commit to scrolling through @fashion_for_bank_robbers this afternoon.

@fashion.biologique If you, like us, feel like you’re missing out on both fashion weeks and nature hikes right now, head over to @fashion.biologique for some comfort. Side by side it shows us how fashion is taking inspiration from biology (or maybe it’s the Goliath Orientalis beetle that is inspired by Alexander McQueen and not the other way around, who knows?). ‘My father took my VOGUE away, so I read the encyclopedia instead’ the person behind the account states in their profile, and on @fashion.biologique we are certainly getting the best of both worlds.

@oneofakind.archive As the amazing healthcare personnel is fighting for all of us 24/7, the closest we’re coming to studying medicine is watching x-rays of fashion garments on Instagram... That’s probably for the better though, just saying. Whether it’s real x-rays or just a nice editing remains unsaid, but does it really matter? It looks cool! Check it out on @oneofakind.archive

@crossingtherunway The Nintendo game Animal Crossing has completely blown up in the past months, both on the bestseller top lists of the gaming world, and on social media. Maybe it’s because a world we’re in complete control of is the one thing we’re all wishing for right now… In the game you can apparently unlock a feature to design your own clothes, and that is exactly what the people behind Crossing The Runway have been doing since 2014. More exactly, they are recreating runway looks with stunning precision. Even if you don’t play the game you shouldn’t miss out on cute cartoon characters dressed up in everything from GCDS to Bottega Veneta.

@vanitetamere Fashion and art being related isn’t a new observation at all, but something that’s brand new is the Instagram account @vanitetamere, which posted its first picture last week. It’s actually quite impressive that they have already managed to get reposted by Jacquemus. While fashion and art are often put side by side to show connections, Vanité ta Mére are taking it a step further, by incorporating fashion pieces in classical artworks, adapting so good to the style of the paintings that it almost goes by unnoticed. See by yourself!

- Cornelia Falknäs

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