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Fishingmen on Tinder

"There are a few religious dating apps: Minder, Muzmatch, Jswipe and Christian Mingle. But they don’t have anywhere near the same reach as Tinder."

In the online dating game there are multitudes of fish related terms being used. You can get catfished – meaning someone poses to be someone they’re not online, or uploads way too flattering pictures that don't resonate with their current looks. Or fishing – when you send messages to pretty much everyone you’ve matched with, hoping someone will take the bait. And more than often my friends urge the fact that “there are plenty of fish in the sea”. Fish being men, and the sea being Tinder, essentially making me Poseidon.  

However, one of the fishiest things in online dating is certainly the guy who poses with a big ass fish in his photos. You might be thinking that this is just a visual representation of the perfect modern man. What they are conveying is essentially everything women want: A manly man, a hunter. Who might also be a Pisces. Jackpot! I mean, I definitely need a sensitive water sign given the fact that I am an airy Gemini with no self control. I also need a hunter. Mainly because I can’t be bothered to get out of bed to go buy food. But unfortunately for me, this is not the underlying purpose of this image trend. 

What I have uncovered is that this is a theological and historical related matter. My theory is that this might be a slight nod to his Christian upbringing, and overall Christian conviction. Before we start I would like to point out that these Tinder fishermen usually have a very Christian aesthetics like it is already. They’re usually mama's boys, they love sports, poses with ”the boys”, does this side-way-clenched-smile-pose and wears a very, dare I say, jockey tank top. Sometimes they even have a very ~ on the nose ~ bio stating "God First''. 

(if only we found men like @leowalkinparis in the sea, wearing Jacquemus ofc)

In this day and age, religion and religious belief might in some cases be a dealbreaker. A lot of people I know, myself included, have a hard time with non like-minded people. Therefore Hinge, Bumble and OkCupid, amongst others, give their users the possibility to fill out a questionnaire before they start swiping. But Tinder does not provide this option. It is consequently hard to find someone with compatible values, who share a similar religious conviction as you, without going all Jehovahs and asking them first thing. "Have you heard the good news? I’m a Christian on Tinder!” 

So basically what I’m trying to say is: It’s hard to find other DTF-Christians on Tinder, or people who are down to fuck Christians. 

But okay, where does the fish fit in? Let’s look at history! As we all know fish, and the sea, are frequent symbols in the Holy Scripture. The fish in the Bible represents men (the people). And let's not forget the infamous feeding of the 4000 with just a few fish (also known as the miracle of the seven loaves and fish, or the Christian sushi party). During the Roman Empire, there was a period where Christianity happened to be illegal. However, that did not stop the Jesus stans. Instead of asking around to find fellow Christians they would draw the Ichthys in the sand. The Ichthys is an acronym for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Our Savior ”, and is a simple drawing of, you guessed it, a fish. You would draw the outline of the guppy and the other person would finish it by adding the eyes or something. That way you would know whether you’ve encountered a Christian or just a regular, shmegular girl from Rome. 

So, I guess what I’m essentially saying is; the fish pose might not be as simple as a way of emphasizing your manhood, or showing off your athleticism or connection to nature. The fish pose is the modern day equivalent of the fish doodle from 400ish CE – the Ichthys of the 21st century. 

- Olivia Brask

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