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Lotta Lavanti on creativity, old Versace, and mental escapes

The eclectic content creator was born in Finland but grew up everywhere between the US and China, and is currently based in Copenhagen. Between episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race and The Real Housewifes Lotta is working the fine line of being freelance and unemployed in the pandemic. We had a chat with her about fashion, inspiration, and driving forces.

How did you get into the industry of creative content and fashion? 

In my teen years, I used creative content and social media to connect with like-minded people and escape from the conservatism of Munich. It wasn’t until found street style photography (actually one specific street style photographer) that I found my footing in creating a universe for myself in the realms of ‘fashion’. Unfortunately, he removed himself from Tumblr and I never found his work again, so I can't remember his name. But his shoots were like a documentary, contrary to most people shooting street style at the time it was purely about the movement and texture of the clothes, and the beauty of having style rather than who was wearing it. To be honest, I'm probably over-romanticizing the level of work due to the impact it had on me, but that was a great way of seeing fashion from a new point of view for me. But it has continued to be my general escape from whatever I’m currently trying to avoid. 

What are you trying to avoid?

Honestly, I’m in a loophole of wanting to avoid real life at the moment, the last year alone has been a harrowing experience of anxiety looking into the endless abyss that is the future that day after day is just a bit gloomy. Maybe it's not the right way to cope with it, but putting together looks and shooting myself as my online persona has helped me ease and find some positivity for myself.

You have a very eclectic style, tell me about your main inspiration?

Everything vintage. I was super lucky growing up (and in the past few years too) and was handed down a lot of beautiful pieces my mom, my grandmother, and my great grandmother have had in their wardrobes. So I think they have played a massive role in how I dress. There is just something about opposing the click-to-buy-culture and everything being an add for something or other these days that vintage somehow just fixes. Being able to wear something one-off or unique that speaks to the current 'trends' but is from another lifetime... I love it. It forces me to think about my relationship with my clothes and how to style the pieces I have to fit my mood.

What kind of ideas or thoughts encourage you to create?

I think generally because creating content is a massive mental escape for me, my emotions drive a lot of the work. But I’m currently obsessed with old Versace campaigns and Radio Head music videos too.

Are you always into one or a few cultural references like that?

Like with most things in my life I am a creature of habit, and not so great at breaking out into new things unless I die-hard love them. With cultural references it's like how I listen to music, I find a few good songs listen to them until I have drained all of the emotion that it emulates in myself and then sink into limbo until the next thing stirs up some feelings. I've been into Radio Head music videos for about two years now and old Versace campaigns for about eleven months, not sure when the next thing will come around to move me like these pieces do, but I think also due to the pandemic I am more than happy with feeling my emotions out with these tools.

Do you work towards a clear vision within your creativity?

I think the only red thread from my output is probably always pushing to bring art back into fashion (content). The more questions that arise from what I do the better.

What will trend in 2021? What are your predictions for the coming months?

With the rise of TikTok, I’m hoping there will be a counter push and need for people to freely create again and curate their craft into more original work (no more of these recreation challenges please). I’m just looking forward to the surge of new art that will come out once people come out of lockdown.

- Siri von Bothmer

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