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The body in the metal - a film

"Lips replicating reality

Metal replicating skin; a transformative object that can be molded into human form. 

The body as the container of reality, metal as the container of fantasy.

The metal that melts at a high temperature -

The bodies that start merging with metal."

During a period of involuntary isolation, four friends escape to the forest on a very hot day.

They arrive at a timeless picnic where they finally find their ground. Suddenly, one of them pulls out a lip-shaped necklace made out of metal. 

The girls don’t understand what this piece is and how it can be added to their body. Delirium begins. Who is actually there? Which bodies are real and which ones are not?”

Through the process of melting metal and casting it into her and her partner’s lips during lockdown, designer India Lucila Safdie wanted to evoke the mental state of isolation and self-transformation. In partnership with director Juana Wein, they put together an otherworldly state of affairs that narrates this sense of segregation and how this makes oneself lose touch with what’s real and what’s not.

See the film here

with Urumi, Victoria Valette, Nayla Valigny and Leonore Larrera  directed by Juana Wein idea by Agua Viva (India Lucila Safdie & Juana Wein) art direction India Lucila Safdie director of photography Maxime Berger costume design India Lucila Safdie art assistant Ambre Le Bas edited by Juana Wein make up artist Maggie Machuel color grading Yanis Aarrouf graphics Yaw Antwi  music by Danyelski vocals Valentin Wein sound mixing Danyelski Special thanks to Violette Villeneuve, Valentin Wein & Yaw Antwi.

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