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The Hottest Toys To Buy During Qtine

Let’s all be real, none of us are actually watching workout tutorials or trying to become the next Martha Stewert. Most of us are horny AF and don't know how many more times we can masturubate. Seriously, rubbing the clit over and over can get exhausting, and boring! If you’re like me and need a spicier way of releasing those hormones, you’ve come to the right spot.

I’ve recently became obsessed with sex toys, (I’m obvi aroused out of my mind), and to my vaginas satisfaction - the toys do wonders. Things have been getting steamy in my Quarantine, and I low key feel like James Bond, sneaking around my house while guarding my package of toys. The following sex toys will have you orgamsing to new levels, you might even let out a sexy pornstar like moan!

1. The Best Head Ever

If you enjoy getting licked, sucked, and kissed down there - this is THE toy for you. The air/suction stimulator on this vibrator is the best thing to happen to me, (well besides watching unnecessary TickTocks of Hector Diazz looking delicious. Tick Tock boys are hot…)

The Womanizer directly stimulates the clit, and it comes in cute colors. I love that I control the speed and vibration. I start off at a slower vibration and tease myself before climax - it’s all about that sexual buildup. When I’m about to climax I speed it up and let my female body explode! It’s definitely my favorite toy and leaves me feeling sexy after every use. I seriously could masturbate with this thing like 20 times a day, but I have self-control. Sort of.

2. Dildo Heaven

Okay, I seriously died and went to heaven when I used this toy… I saw angels, rainbows, and everything. If you don’t have a dildo I strongly recommend investing in one. This vibrating dildo from Bellesa is not meant for the weak. The vibrations are strong, so strong that I have to literally take a break sometimes…

The suction cup on the end of the dildo is like a gift from the angels themselves. I stick it onto my shower and hellooo wet, steamy, shower play! It sticks to any surface so the options for where you want to masturbate are endless with this bad boy.

3. Booty Pleasure

Anal beads (a part of the booty toys family) are hot and fascinating. Anal beads are like the new designer bag that everyone wants and needs. Come on, we all know you want that Dior embroidered tote with your name on it. There’s no shame here!

These anal beads from Babeland are fab because they aren’t too intimidating. Playing around with your butt is no joke. The sleek beads gradually grow in size, making it easy for beginners. Anal play adds some serious heat to the sex and pleasure game. I promise, your climax will thank you.

4. The Charlotte York

Ughhh, this toy is so good that even the prim and proper Charlotte York from Sex and the City couldn’t get enough! When I first got The Rabbit I convinced myself that I was taking a break from sex and relationships to “be single.” What I really meant was, “This thing makes me cum faster and harder than any man ever has.”

This vibrator stimulates your G-spot AND clit. I mean seriously, it can’t get any sexier than this. They also just look adorable with tiny rabbit ears on the clit stimulator. I’ve considered putting one out on my coffee table as decoration, it’s just so cute!

5. Vibrating Ring

A vibrator that is super chic, fashionable, cute, and a statement piece of jewelry?! Wow, say less. Unbounds Palma is a wearable, stainless steel, 18k gold or silver, vibrator! You would never guess, and that’s why it’s ideal for Quarantine.

Wear it around the house, the grocery store, or your aunt’s house for dinner, and feel empowered! (Just make sure you’re obvi wearing a mask too). This piece of jewelry offers 5 viby modes and is the perfect piece for us powerful women. It’s so fun to wear and makes me confident in expressing my sexuality! I sort of feel like Rihanna or Beyoncé, but I know that’s dramatic. Now is a great time to explore pleasure and how to get off by yourself. Self pleasure is such a vibe, and I’m loving all this free time to do it. These toys are fun to explore and definitely my top favs. Ladies, we deserve these orgasms! Happy playing!

- Camryn Pessin

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