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These Fashion Houses Need to Step up their TikTok Game

How are Jacquemus, Gucci and Saint Laurent performing on TikTok?

TikTok – if you still don’t have it, you’re probably in denial of its greatness. I know this because I, too, was in denial for a long time. Up until the moment I looked over my roommates shoulder as she was scrolling through the #foryou page, and I was drawn into the addictive world of Tiktok. I downloaded the app feeling morally divided. However, I’m not ashamed anymore though, because you know what? Even big fashion houses have embraced the app. 

Given the fact that nowadays I'm a TikTok-addicted fashion writer, I did what I had to do: I rated TikTok-accounts, so you would know which ones to check out, and which ones you can spare. 

Here you go: Burberry - 2 videos – 23,9k followers

The Burberry TikTok consists of only two videos: the first one being a challenge they created themselves. The second, a tutorial on how to do said challenge. TikTok-challenges are essential, and creating new ones is ambitious, it’s just unfortunate that Burberry's is, pardon me, awfully boring. Put two hands together to recreate the Burberry monogram, add their monogram effect, and... that’s it?

I'm just saying, if a challenge is this boring, yet needs a 40 second tutorial – it's not a good challenge. This proves itself; although I spent quite some time scrolling through the hashtag (#TBChallenge) I only saw three people doing the challenge, and none of them even did it properly...

- Rating: 3/10  for the effort it took to create their own challenge

Dolce & Gabbana - 23 videos – 115,6k followers

Well, this starts out disastrous. The first nine videos, which I would very much like to unsee, consist of Jacob Sartorius (like, really??????) and some other weirdos doing terrible dances, to a terrible sound, in front of terrible backgrounds while wearing terrible outfits. What is even going on? I mean, I can forgive a fashion house for making bad TikToks if they are at least showing off nice designs but this... I don’t know what to say. 

Thankfully, it does get better. The next two videos appear to be some kind of ASMR based on sounds taken from the production of their garments, which I kind of like.

The remaining videos feature TikTokers (and @dudewithsign) dancing a dance that’s supposed to symbolise making their clothes by hand (the campaign is #DGFATTOAMANO). Oh, and can we just talk about Cameron Dallas for a moment? I haven’t thought of him since I was maybe fourteen, but apparently he’s still relevant enough to work with Dolce & Gabbana. Wtf. I don't get what he's doing in the video. I mean at least the others come in with some dance moves or something, but he's just... hot?

Anyways, at first I thought the dance and the music (which sounds like a remix of the ASMR-noise I just mentioned) were quite lame, but after re-listening maybe ten times (they’ve made twelve videos like this, so I had to) I began to find them quite catchy. The setting and the outfits are better in these as well. 

In conclusion, I like the effort they put into FATTO A MANO dances and sounds, although I miss the TikTok-classics.

Rating: a solid 6.75/10 if you ignore the first nine videos, but with them included I can’t rate it any higher than 3.5/10

Saint Laurent - 4 videos – 6359 followers (last time I checked)

Saint Laurent obviously has no idea what to do with TikTok. They have shared footage from their fashion show, and published two videos of people dancing. Yes, dancing, but no, not TikTok-dancing. It looks good, I’ll give them that, but unfitting for TikTok. It’s boring. I don’t really see what they are trying to achieve here. 

I suggest posting these videos on Instagram instead. Try dancing to Megan Thee Stallion instead, or do a what's in my Laurent bag. Short, engaging videos would be more appropriate for this particular media. I mean, it's kind of embarrasing posting them on TikTok and having the exact amount of views shown.

- Rating: 1/10 pretty videos but not TikTok-suitable at all

Gucci - 9 videos – 333,4k followers

Gucci’s first videos are more like a regular advertisement for #GucciTennis1977, and while I do like the aesthetics it’s not what TikTok is made for at all (it’s made for weird humour and annoying dances, in case you were wondering). They did make some dancing videos after that though, and although I must say they’re very low energy it’s nice that they created their own dance, and bonus points for making old ladies do it.

In their recent videos they even hopped on a TikTok trend (called “I used to be so beautiful, now look at me…”) which I applaud because that means they are trying to conform to the unwritten rules of the app. However, again it’s made with non-existent energy, no enthusiasm in sight. I feel a little sorry for the musician Celeste, because their most recent TikToks are all with her, wearing Gucci and looking extremely uncomfortable. Celeste, we see you struggling, and we feel for you. I’m considering starting a Go-fund-me for our poor C. And Gucci, good try, but try again.

- Rating: 6.5/10. They did (once) do a trending TikTok video and they included old ladies which raised their rating.

Balmain - 18 videos – 6230 followers (when I last checked)

Balmain are actually using a few TikTok sounds, and doing a few trending TikTok videos too. Good work! 

However, much like Saint Laurent, their profile consists of way too much content more fitting for Instagram, or an advert, which just doesn’t go with the general TikTok vibe, no matter how cool it is to watch. Again, you can see their exact number of followers, which means they don’t have enough.

Also, they have a lot of reposts from other people which I don’t find acceptable. If you’re going to repost something on this app, at least make a duet, hello? They probably don’t know how to do that though... but they should look into it if they want to succeed on TikTok.

- Rating: 5/10. Enough TikTok sounds and trends to raise their rating from a 1

Jacquemus - 13 videos – 93,5k followers

Jaquemus starts out, like other brands, by fumbling a little and not really finding the essence of what TikTok- content is. However, Jacquemus did a good job by using TikTok-songs from the get go. And the content is evolving more and more for every post. Despite a misuse of Doja Cat’s 'Say So' (come on Simon, you know the dance!) Jacquemus actually makes funny and relevant TikToks – all while maintaining their beautiful, french-rivieran aesthetic. It’s not outstanding of course, but it’s a fashion house so what are we expecting?

One thing is at least for sure: compared to the other fashion houses this is a clear winner. If you happen to be one of the few people without a TikTok-account, you can enjoy their content in Jacquesmus’ Instagram highlights (some videos seem to be deleted from their actual TikTok account, don’t miss out!). I genuinely believe in Jacquesmus’ TikTok.

The sky's the limit, monsieur!

- Rating: 9/10, I’m impressed.

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