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To All the Things I Swore I Would Never Wear...

… please forgive me, because I have realised that I don’t want to dress without you nowadays.

I’m actually pretty sure it was not just me who once had very firm opinions about never, ever wearing certain things that are highly valued in my closet today. It is normal, times change, people develop and so do style senses (thank god). But personally, I could’ve never imagined that the tables would turn like this – I went from laughing at my dad’s clothes to stealing them and having him laughing at me. Let’s just say I know better now, and here comes an apology to some of the things I swore I would never wear:

The dad sneaker So, the chunky sneakers have been with us for a while now, they are not news to anyone anymore. However, I can still stop and be astounded thinking about the fact that I’m at a place in life where I crave shoes resembling my dad’s tracking sneakers. I don’t know how long they will stay in fashion, but I know for sure that I’m not ready to go back to discreet sneakers anytime soon, so I won’t. And although the dad sneakers have had their fair share of the fashion limelight, I did still spot some on the fashion week runways this winter. A pair of them also caught my attention from underneath Emili Sindlev’s pink, wide-leg corduroy trousers in one of her Instagram posts recently. Those are good signs in my world, because I definitely appreciate seeing all kinds of chunkiness on people’s feet (except the FILA disruptors, may they be put in the backs of their owners’ closets and never see the light of the day again, thank you). And you know what, having had to go back to my childhood home due to covid-19 at least means I can start stealing my mum’s old running shoes to add a little something to my outfits.

The knitted vests Oh how I could have never pictured myself wearing knitted vests a couple of years ago, but oh how I want to wear them over everything now. Shirts, jumpers, t-shirts, blouses, dresses – there is nothing that doesn’t look better with a knitted vest on top of it. Being the sucker for colour I am, I’m especially loving the pastel ones Signe Nørtoft (@monosigne) knits herself, and the peach cashmere one my friend Sofia found before I did when we were second hand shopping together (yes, I’m very jealous). One of my shallow concerns right now is that I forgot to bring my 5 euro vintage find (a pink beauty with blue and white stripes) with me to Sweden, so here I am with access to zero knitted vests when getting dressed. That would not have been a problem before, but today? A huge problem. Send help.

The cowboy boots Okay, so I’m going to admit that I still don’t own a pair of these, and to keep the confessions coming I can honestly say that it was quite recently that I went from looking at them in disgust to looking at them in awe. But since the cowboy hat emoji is one of my favourites and I genuinely like the song Old Town Road (please remind me why I share this embarrassing information) I should’ve seen it coming. Past me wouldn’t agree with this, but present me would happily put on a pair of colourful cowboy boots from Zig Zag Goods (@zigzag.goods).

Isn’t that a nice real life character development? Yeehaw, I guess! I could probably keep adding things onto this list until it is longer than I prefer my trousers (which is long enough to touch the floor when I wear them, and I’m tall), but I’m not conceited enough to think anyone would read that. Instead I will keep it nice and short, and end it here (honorary mentions to socks in open shoes and all things an old man would wear though). Maybe some of you have always worn these things, and if so, I salute you. Yours truly, however, did not know better before. Luckily I’m wiser and better dressed now. I was going to end this text by listing a few things I actually will never wear (like skin tight jeans – again, that is) but that would be a bit contradictory to the statement I just made about me being wiser than before. The thing is that I have realised that fashion is way better without any limits, rules or the word ‘never’. Try it, you’ll be surprised (by what you are all of a sudden wearing and how good it looks)!

- Cornelia Falknäs

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