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V-day for the girls, an erotic story.

Beep beep beep! My obnoxiously loud alarm goes off exactly at 9:30 pm. I still have to apply my lip liner and squeeze my butt into these Moschino jeans. I throw on some little heels (jeans and heels are always a look) rinse out my wine glass, and rush out the door. My eyelashes flutter as my dark bangs catch them, and I look both ways before crossing the busy street. *Click clack click* my heels go as I seemingly strut down the sidewalk. With the bright city lights shining on me, the warm summer breeze drifts through my semi-sheer shirt. I arrive outside the party at exactly 9:45 pm. Perfect.

“Camille! Camille!” a yelling man latched onto three other beautiful people calls my name. Donato kisses me on the cheek and flashes his gorgeous smile. My other friends giggle, tripping over their heels and five glasses of wine they had consumed prior.

“Cam, could you be any hotter!?” Donato grabs my arm as we all walk up the stairs into the party.

The lights are dim and I can barely make out the faces. The beat is dense and I feel myself begin to light up. Laughter, smiles, and the scent of sweaty perfume on bare skin hits me. Donato hands me a


“So, who is your pick tonight? I sure hope it’s him...” Donato eyes a handsome man. Tall, dark features, and standing among other attractive men.

“I’m not too sure, I may want something else tonight.” I reply as my lips pluck off an olive from the

toothpick of my cosmo. I suck on it in my mouth. As I bounce to the beat I ride up and down Dontato’s body, grabbing his hair in my hands and singing the lyrics into his mouth. Donato has always been in love with me, but I’ve always found him boring, a drag. Unless we are drunk.

“You are on one tonight Camille. I love it.” Donato whispers into my ear, but I barely hear his words. My gaze is now distracted. I no longer feel heavy from the music because what I see is light, captivating, and in need of me. She stands tall, her jet black hair covers her face and she awkwardly dances to the beat. Her body is lanky, her legs long and slim, and her breasts are small. Just like her waist.

“Hold my drink baby.” I hand my drink to Donato and walk over to the girl. I am now sweating. From the dancing on Donato to the fifth cosmopolitan, my head feels airy and my body is sticky from my sweat. My underwear sticks to the inside of my thighs.

“Hello. My name is Camille.” I wasn’t sure what else to say but to my luck, she answered quickly.

“Hi, I’m Ella. Nice to meet you.” She turns away a bit, nervous, shy, or confused.

“How is your night going Ella?” I ask, moving a bit closer to her. She smells clean, pure, and a little

musky. Perhaps it was her sweaty neck or back, or maybe it was the scent of whiskey coming off her full lips.

“It’s fun, how about yourself Camille?” She says my name. It rolls off her tongue so effortlessly and I

want to hear her say it again and again. I ask her to dance with me. She nods and I grab her waist.

We dance under the lights and I watch her. She sips on her drink quickly, loosening up her body

movements. Her breasts bounce up and down as she moves. Was she nervous? I move closer to her and wrap my arm around her body. I trace her lips with my finger and go all the way down her body. She stops me when I get to her front jean pockets.

“What are you doing?” she whispers into my ear, getting closer to me, tempting me even more.

“I don’t know, you’re just so sexy.” I whisper back. “Come on, let’s go.” I grab her hand and she links her fingers into mine.

I take her to my apartment. We stumble in, laughing and flirting. As I open the door I can tell how she’s not from the city. Her eyes widen at my furry tan rug, snakeskin chair, and all white bedding.

“This place is lovely Camille.” she smiles at me.

“Thank you, it’s my very own.” I reply and start to pour us a glass of red wine. I want to see her lips


Ella takes the glass from my hand and begins to sip on it. Her cheeks get red and her hair looks even

darker compared to her rosy face. She is sitting on the rug, legs tucked behind her. Her dress is mid length and tight around her waist and body. Her breasts poke out the top a bit. As she leans over and laughs her breasts look larger, squeezing together.

“You look gorgeous.” I stare at her. Her full lips are now stained.

“Oh no, I look like a mess. You are the one that looks so good…” she shies away. We are now sitting on my rug, close to each other. We talk about the arts, music, sex, and love. I blab more than her. She is quiet, but engaged in our conversation. I say something to make her laugh hard. She smiles and looks at me in silence. As her laugh fades and the silence comes in, I lean in to kiss her.

Her lips. Her stained red wine lips. I feel them like a bolt of electricity through my body and I want to feel every inch of her. I want to kiss them until morning. She kisses me back and softly places her tongue into my mouth. Our wet tongues lock together.

My hands are now on her breasts. I hold them in both hands, grabbing them as I kiss her. As a strap falls, they are exposed. They feel even better in my bare hands. They are soft, full, and sexy. Her nipples are hard, sticking straight out of her round breast. I begin to kiss them gently.

“Ahh mmm” she is moaning and whining. I twirl my tongue around her perfect pink nipples and suck on them as I begin to play with my pussy. She watches me rub myself over my jeans. I take them off and throw them to the side. My panties are soaked. She sees my pussy lips through them.

“I want to eat your wet pussy until your orgasm..” she whispers into my ear. As I take off my panties she gets onto her knees and begins to kiss my inner thighs. I am on my back, grabbing my breasts. She teases me, kissing around my pussy and tracing my clit with her tongue. Her tongue starts to circle my clit and she puts her finger inside me as she sucks on me. She fingers me deeply, hitting my pussy good. I let out a big deep moan.

“You are so wet baby girl.” she is fully into it now. It’s so sexy to see her in control. I need more of it.

I throw her onto her back, spreading my legs over her. I ride her pussy and feel how wet she is. She is

soaked, and her pussy is perfect. Pink, wet, and warm. Her clit is against mine and I grab her full breasts as I make her cum. I look down to see her cum dripping out of her pussy onto mine.

She grabs my ass and spanks me hard, she wants more. I lay back and she eats me again. I am moaning, my pussy is about to release. I can feel my clit swell up as she licks and sucks on it. I grab her hair and play with her nipples as she sucks me. Her breasts are bouncing and she licks faster, faster, and sucks harder and harder.

“Don’t stop don’t stop!” I yell, she sucks me harder and reaches up to grab my breasts. She is moaning, sucking me so passionately and grabbing me tighter. She makes love to my clit, I feel like I might burst.

“I- I’m going to cum baby!” I can’t hold it in and she keeps sucking me as I orgasm. My cum is all over her beautiful face and in her dark hair. My tan furry rug is now darker from our sweaty bodies. There may even be some cum in it. She comes up and lays on me. Our breasts on top of each other.

“You are amazing. Just like I thought you would be.” I tell her.

“You are the only girl who’s made me cum like that. You are amazing.” she replies. “Let’s go again.”

We fuck all night into the morning. My clit and nipples are tender by the end of it. I suck up her cum and play with her pussy until I drift off to sleep.

I knew I would want something more tonight, and I got it.



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